Small Firms Can Have Great Customer Relationships

There is a certain level of customer service that is expected from large financial firms. Sometimes this expectation is met but other times even national firms can disappoint customers. Customer service shouldn’t be something that “sets you apart” from your competition but rather an expected aspect of conducting quality business. Here are some ideas for even the smallest firms to establish great customer relationships.

  1. Spend time on the little things. Offer a bottle of water or coffee to waiting customers. Spend time explaining to them the processes of working with your firm. Go the extra mile to check on them between consultations. Make them as comfortable as possible while they are spending their time at your office.
  2. Concentrate on customer service over new business. If your firm becomes known for the quality of customer service it provides, new clients will not be difficult to find. Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool in the business world. Encourage your team members to spend more of their time on customer service than on marketing.
  3. Timely responses. Your customers will often email or call with questions, both big and small, and will want answers quickly. You and your financial staff are there to provide this service so be timely with your answers and provide added value services for each of your clients.
  4. Manage social media. Unhappy customers will often take their comments to social media. Create an online atmosphere where you can address concerns and even contact individuals privately to better understand their dissatisfaction and work to rectify the situation. Manage your brand online so positive information is at the forefront.
  5. Face time. In an age of online communication many times we forget that face to face interaction still gets the best results. When you’re talking with someone you can see their expressions, understand their body language, and hear the tone of their voice. Encourage your staff to invite clients to their office frequently to have a one on one conversation about their services, experience, and expectation.

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