Qualities of Key Players on Your Financial Team

Will you be hiring for your financial staff in the coming months? Not only must they possess the skills necessary to do the job at hand but they need to have the additional qualities which can make them superstar candidates. It may be a good idea to consider some of the top qualities to look for in the applicants before starting the interviewing process. Here are 7 skills each financial candidate should have.

  1. Excellent communication. Even a member of your staff who works with numbers all day needs to be able to effectively communicate with the team, management, and customers. It is a good idea to evaluate their ability to communicate a message.
  2. Ability to build relationships. Everyone is your department must work well with other members of the organization. Look for someone who has demonstrated the ability to work well in a team environment.
  3. Marketing and sales. In today’s highly competitive job market every applicant should know how to effectively market themselves. Not only is this a good skill for interviewing but also to display their knowledge base to clients after they begin working at your company.
  4. Organizational skills. Project management and attention to detail are important in any field, but especially in finance where quite a bit of money can be at stake. Each candidate should be able to demonstrate how their organizational skills have benefited previous employers.
  5. Problem solving. Many people believe that you’re only as good as the last problem you solved.  Frequently your financial team will be called upon to solve client issues and they need to be able to do this with skill and efficiency.
  6. Experience with technology. Computers have changed the way we conduct business and it is imperative that everyone have basic knowledge. However, the basic skills may not always be enough. As the media changes rapidly it is beneficial to work with candidates who have a firm grasp on the evolution of technology.
  7. Shared core values. Most importantly, your next employee needs to fit in with your organization and uphold your mission. Talk with candidates about their core values to see if there is a match in philosophy.

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