3 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn profile as a Financial Professional

If you’re using LinkedIn it is important to know how to leverage your profile to showcase your specific skills as a financial professional. Your complete profile will allow you to connect with leaders in your industry and even help find a new job. Financial recruiters and other experts frequently use LinkedIn to source candidates for their open positions. Her are three ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile.

  • Change your headline. The default headline on your LinkedIn page is the job title for your most recent position. Since this short phrase appears in each search along with your name it is important that it gets attention and encourages a click through to your profile. The good news is that you can change it. Click on the pencil next to the headline and rewrite it to better showcase your talents and skills that will make you marketable. For instance you may say “Quantitative Research Analyst with 15 years’ experience in risk management.”
  • Add media to your profile. A new feature on LinkedIn allows users to upload media to their job summary and professional experience. Click the edit button under your job history and import anything from images to examples of your work. It is helpful to include presentations or portfolios that can make you stand out.
  • Show data to support your success. Results are king in today’s job search. Hiring managers want to see that you have performed well for your previous employees and that an investment in you will help them succeed. Think about your accomplishments and be specific about your descriptions. For example, you can say “Provided a risk assessment for business partners to determine the best course of action to minimize financial loss saving over $1 million.”
  • Request recommendations. It is becoming more difficult for companies to get references from your previous employers. Many corporations no longer any information beyond your dates of employment. However, the recommendation feature on LinkedIn is one way you can help a hiring manager get more insight on your performance. Ask former managers or coworkers to write a one for your page. The best way to get a recommendation is to provide one for someone you trust. They are likely to return the favor.

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