Finance and Accounting Career Trends

The job market has been changing at a rapid pace. Accounting and finance jobs are critical for almost every industry and employers are working quickly to keep up with the current demands. As a financial or accounting professional it is important to keep track of the latest information in the industry and be prepared when facing a job search. Be aware of these four key career trends in the field of finance and accounting.

  1. Increase in flexible work hours and benefits. Many corporations and even small and medium sized businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the long term imbalance of employee’s work and life. Rather than risk losing good employees they are implementing changes that will increase the accessibility of flexible working hours as well as various additional benefits. Work from home options or results oriented workplaces are just a small sample of what you might expect.
  2. Salaries are on the rise. Since the economy began to see recovery some employers complained about a phenomenon known as “the skills gap.” Many experts believe that this is not caused by lack of experience in candidates but rather employers’ actions of reducing salaries to cut costs. There may not be a lack of qualified individuals but a disparity between the salaries offered and the pay requirements. Companies are beginning to recognize this issue and salaries are once again on the rise. Be prepared to negotiate and determine your walk away number before they make an offer.
  3. Focus on the technical sector. The hottest area for financial and accounting professionals today is the technical market. It is a good idea to keep up to date with the latest technologies to better understand the industry when applying for jobs and interviewing. With the increase in the digital marketplace and access to smartphones and applications, technical companies are growing and need financial employees who understand their unique environments.
  4. Consider getting up to date certifications. There are many new procedures in finance and accounting with which companies will be required to comply. Consider acquiring these certifications to advance your career. You may want to look into obtaining your CPA or certifications such as Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Information Systems Auditor, or Certified Management Accountant.

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