4 Ways to be a Top Healthcare Administrator

In today’s competitive healthcare market it is important for each professional to perform at the very top of their game. Healthcare Administration is a central aspect of our healthcare system and with major changes happening in the coming months it will be absolutely vital to the smooth operation of medical facilities around the country. Are you looking to ensure that your skills and background indicate your competency and expertise in healthcare administration? Here are four ways to excel in the field.

  1. Define your leadership style. Every individual works better under a certain set of circumstances. This applies to you as well as any employees who report to you. It is important to be consistent when leading an organization. You may be a visionary who can inspire employees to do their best work. You may be a giver who leads best through example and service. Or, you may be an excellent communicator who can influence people by the way you speak. Whatever the case, own this archetype and improve your leadership skills.
  2. Understand the legal regulations. As the administrator it is your responsibility to understand the changing legal landscape of the healthcare system and assist your facility by maintaining these specific standards. Consistently update your knowledge of new laws and be familiar with new regulations so you can inform or correct your staff as needed. With the significant changes happening after the first of the year this is more important than ever.
  3. Improve your communications skills. Regardless of what kind of leader you are it is imperative that you are able to effectively communicate to your staff, your management, and your service base. Everyone can benefit from improving their communications skills so spend some time understanding the best way to get your message across to your audience and apply those principles to your communications practices.
  4. Continue your education beyond school. Healthcare administration is an ever changing field and if you leave your education behind when you graduate you may be missing out on important advances that could help not only your career but your facility perform at peak levels. You may consider becoming a member of an organization such as the American Hospital Association or the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management. Obtaining certifications can also help you advance in your career.

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