Healthcare Careers on the Rise

While there is a lot of information available about the changes in our healthcare system coming over the next year or so, one thing that experts do seem to agree on is that healthcare careers are on the rise. Over the next several years we will begin to see increased growth in these careers which will allow the next generation of healthcare providers an opportunity to work in the industry. Here are just a few of the trends.

  • Healthcare Management and Administration. Right now the projected growth for healthcare administrators, as predicted by the Department of labor, is 16% between now and 2018. Healthcare administrators and managers handle all of the back office aspects of medical practices such as billing, scheduling, admissions, or insurance. A master’s degree in healthcare administration can help entry level candidates have more access to the available jobs.
  • 22% increase in Healthcare jobs by 2020.Right now the healthcare industry is expected to add 28% of new jobs across all industries in the US within the next six years. This increase is expected because of the changes in life expectancy and the aging population. New positions are expected to be needed within both public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, as well as individual and family services.
  • Diversity increase among healthcare facilities. According to the US Census, the Asian and Hispanic population of the United States will triple by 2050. This won’t be the only major change in population growth the country will see. Experts are suggesting that healthcare facilities need to improve their diversity programs and hiring processes to meet the needs of an evolving patient demographic. They refer to this as “cultural competency” which means that the field is responding positively and effectively to the change the population of their patients. This will affect the way that these facilities are hiring.

Do you think the changes in the healthcare field over the next several years affect your career search and path? If you are looking for healthcare jobs in DC, contact us today.


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