4 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile this Winter

No industry professional or job seeker can go long without getting swept up into the world of LinkedIn. Just like with all forms of networking, you can only get out of it what you put into it. LinkedIn isn’t a magic bullet to finding a job, but it is a very useful tool if you can manage it in the best way possible. Updating your profile and actively using the site to make connections can produce benefits.  Here are four simple tips you can use starting today to improve your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Include your skills and keywords. Your LinkedIn headline is the first thing anyone will see when they find you on the site. It defaults to your current job title, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Use the editing function to change it to a headline that reflects your skills and what kind of job you’re looking for. Use keywords in your detailed description that will help employers find you for their opportunities. For example: “Legal Office Assistant | Calendar Management, Paralegal Certification, Customer Service Experience.”
  2. Include media to showcase your skills. LinkedIn offers users the opportunity to upload links and files directly into your list of experience. This is a perfect place to show off your portfolio. Upload charts or presentations that you have created in your career. Include links to other work that you have done which highlights your experience.
  3. Provide as much quantifiable detail as possible. Employers don’t just want to know that you have experience with something; they want to know exactly how you benefited your employers. Show them numbers that give them perspective. If you have saved your company money, indicate how much and how you did it. For instance, “Saved over $1 Million in one year by implementing a new purchasing procedure.”
  4. Ask for recommendations. LinkedIn provides an easy method to ask for recommendations from former coworkers and managers. These are becoming an important part in employers’ prescreening process. As it becomes harder to get references from some companies, these first-hand accounts are very valuable. Request recommendations through LinkedIn by sending messages to former employers or others with whom you’ve worked.

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