Jump Start Your Accounting Job Search – Here’s How

Are you in the market for an accounting position? The beginning of the year is always a big time for companies to hire additional staff for their accounting and finance departments as the tax season begins in January. Now that we are heading into the New Year it may be a good time to revamp your resume and rethink your job search. Here are a few simple tips to jumpstart your accounting job hunt.

  • Revise your resume. Many people make sure that their resume has the chronological list of their job duties but this is missing out on a lot of important information. Look at how you can improve your resume by adding your accomplishments and skills. It may be a good idea to address the concept of “over qualification.” Look at how you can make your resume appeal to employers of all levels. Consider other formats that can showcase the best aspects of your previous experience.
  • Rev up the networking. If you have not joined a local finance or accounting organization, this time of year is great to get the information you need. Face to face meetings where you can shake hands and remember names and faces are invaluable to your job search. Check out holiday parties or events happening just after the first of the year. You never know who you’re going to meet so keep business cards with you at all times. Talk to people in line at the grocery store or while you wait for your next doctor’s appointment. Don’t forget social media too. Update your LinkedIn profile and join groups that match your experience or location.
  • Contact a mentor and professional services. One of the best and least used advantages in business is to align yourself with a mentor who can help you with your career development. Look in your community at other professionals who have achieved what you want to do with your career. Talk to them, get to know them, and learn everything you can from their experience. In addition to a mentor, it can help to contact a career services expert such as a recruiter who can help you with your job search.

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