Top 4 Things to Know About Healthcare Reform as a Job Seeker

Will healthcare reform affect your job search? Not only can it affect your insurance, but it may affect some of the jobs available or the way employers hire. There are a few things that it is important to know about the new healthcare laws in regards to employment. For example, what are the top healthcare jobs for 2014 or what kind of specialization should someone entering the workforce focus on? Here are four things that are important to know about the changes in healthcare law and how they will affect the job market.

  1. More emphasis on primary care. The idea behind the Affordable Care Act is to reduce healthcare expenses by focusing on preventative care rather than treating problems after they occur. Focus will shift from urgent care to health and wellness. This means that more jobs will become available in the primary care fields. If you are looking for healthcare opportunities or are considering going back to school, this may be a good area of focus.
  2. Pharmacy and diagnostic jobs. Pharmacists will also be in high demand but this means that pharmacy technicians will have fewer career opportunities. Diagnostic specialists such as sonographers and radiologist will also be sought after by medical facilities. These specializations may be excellent opportunities for individuals looking for careers in healthcare.
  3. Community healthcare initiatives. Local communities will be starting healthcare initiatives to promote health and wellness and provide assistance to individuals in the area. This may mean more opportunities for healthcare professionals in county, city, or state run facilities. These community services will also be looking for specialists to volunteer their time.
  4. Healthcare administration. With the changes in insurance and healthcare practices, facilities will need individuals trained in processes such as billing and coding as well as back office administration. Candidates with experience dealing with insurance companies are always in high demand and those who understand the changes will have excellent opportunities in the future of healthcare in America.

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