Top 4 LinkedIn Groups to source for Accounting Professionals in DC

LinkedIn is the premier online source for professional networking. Job seekers are creating profiles to help them with their search and recruiters and hiring managers are connecting with professionals who can bring much needed skills to their businesses. One of the best ways for professionals and hiring managers to connect is through the LinkedIn groups. Here are the top 4 open LinkedIn groups for DC area employers to use to find accounting and finance professionals.

  • DC Metro Accounting and Finance Professionals. Currently at over 2,700 members and growing this specialized group is geared specifically toward finance and accounting professionals in the metro DC area. Connect with this group to become part of the extended network of these professionals.
  • Washington DC Connections. The largest DC area group 37,000 with members is more general but also appears to be the place for professionals to join in the area. While it isn’t specifically geared toward finance and accounting the large numbers of the group should mean that connecting with skilled people is possible.
  • Washington Networking Group. Another smaller networking group also connects businesses to local job seekers. Start a conversation and offer your own company’s expertise on accounting or financial matters to attract qualified candidates.
  • DC Metro Connected. With just over 4,100 members, DC Metro Connected is one of the top groups in the area which allow job seekers to connect with area companies. If you’re looking for top local talent this may be an excellent place to start.

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