Industry News: Top 5 Healthcare Careers

Healthcare is continuing to climb in the marketplace. While other industries floundered during the recession, healthcare continued to flourish. If you’re in the market for a new healthcare career or you’re thinking about heading back to school to pick up some new skills, here are a few things to keep in mind. What are the top 5 healthcare careers right now?

  1. Medical administrative assistants. For someone uninterested in getting involved in the clinical side of medicine, an admin role may be perfect. Medical admins need to be familiar with terminology and must have incredible organizational skills. Traditional administrative roles are not returning to the workforce since the recession so the medical industry may be a good place for those with transferable skills.
  2. Medical assistant. This role combines administrative and clinical tasks. A medical assistant may help the physician with some procedures such as checking vital signs, giving injections, and entering data into the computer system. With the changes in the Affordable Care Act and medical record keeping medical practices are replacing traditional transcription with same-time recording of the patient’s information.
  3. Veterinary technician. If you’re more comfortable around animals than humans the role of a vet tech may be a good fit for you. In most cases this position assists the vet with day-to-day procedures in the office. They may perform some of the same functions as a medical assistant but for the animals. They need to have empathy and compassion for animals since communication is limited. They also need to develop good relationships with the owners.
  4. Massage therapist. Cultures from all across the globe developed techniques for relaxing the body through tough. Massage therapy is often used in conjunction with treatment for pain conditions or stress related diagnoses. A massage therapist has been trained in specific forms of the art and can work with a clinic to provide these services to a variety of customers.
  5. Healthcare manager. Any medical facility from hospitals to nursing homes need qualified healthcare managers. Individuals trained as healthcare managers oversee the function of office, floor, or facility. With the changes that have been implemented as a result of the ACA, professionals trained for health care management are essential to maintaining the proper function of the practice.

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