What Aging Baby Boomers Mean for Healthcare Staffing

The baby boomer generation may be about to change the way this country handles healthcare. Boomers are beginning to retire and, in general, older Americans need more access to health services than their younger counterparts. What does this mean for healthcare staffing? Here are a few trends you should be aware of when considering your next job in the healthcare industry.

  • Medical assistants. A medical assistant’s job is entirely dependent on the type of facility for which you are working. Larger practices and hospitals may hire medical assistants who are specialized while smaller organizations need an MA who can wear a lot of hats. In general a medical assistant handles administrative and clinical duties.
  • Medical managers. Individuals with healthcare experience and strong organizational and administrative skills can advance to the next level. Medical mangers oversee many of the functions within a practice or facility. They may be responsible for hiring new staff, managing current staff, and ensuring profitability.
  • Radiation therapists. A more specialized role that will be needed in the healthcare industry moving forward is radiation therapy. These professionals will work closely with oncology teams in hospitals or facilities to treat cancer patients. They are trained to use specialized technology to target and treat tumors.
  • Home healthcare aides. The aging population means that many people will need additional care in their own homes. Many aging boomers are rejecting the notion of nursing homes and assisted living facilities and want to age in place. Home healthcare aides can provide additional support for them in the comfort of their own space.

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