How Much Is TOO Much On A Resume?

No one said writing a resume was easy. You want to attract a phone call but you don’t want to share so much personal information that your resume is red-flagged by the reviewer. There is skill and art to designing a resume that gets the right intention. But how much is too much? Here are a few ways you can make your resume stand out and look professional.

  • Infographics. If you have the skills and you believe the company where you are applying will be receptive, try something creative with your resume. Infographics are popular now on social media and they are perfect for showcasing your skills in a fun and enticing way. Create one in conjunction to a traditional resume so you can use both tools when you need to.
  • Use keywords not buzzwords. Keywords are great, buzzwords make people cringe. How do you know the difference? A keyword provides information about your specific skills. They can be used with action words or language that is common for healthcare. A buzzword doesn’t actually mean anything. These include “outside the box,” “team player,” and “multi-tasker.”
  • Know the right format. There are two common formats for resumes. Chronological resumes list jobs in order starting with the most recent. It should always include company names, dates of employment, and a bullet point list of experience and accomplishments. Functional resumes focus on skills and accomplishments and are great for a recent college graduate or changing careers. You can also combine the two for the right approach.
  • Customize your resume. Before you send your resume to a company make sure to tailor it to their needs. You can reword your objective statement to fit the job but also include other things to help the employer know that you’re interested in their job specifically. Create a website and online portfolio. Share the link when you’re applying for jobs.

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