The Benefits Of Offering Competitive Pay For Your Healthcare Staff

You may be considering your hiring strategy for 2015 and that could mean employing new healthcare staff members. It is important that you consider your compensation package and, once you do that, review those of your current staff. Do you pay a competitive wage? You may not think there is much competition in healthcare but it is one of the fastest growing employment markets and experts are predicting a shortage in qualified candidates especially after baby boomers begin to retire. Here are some of the reasons you should consider competitive pay for your healthcare staff.

  • You will attract better candidates. In a highly competitive market it is essential that you become an employer of choice. There old adage states that you get what you pay for and that is true. Pay your employees less or hire people willing to work for less and you are not as likely to hire and retain qualified candidates.
  • You will have better employee retention. If you pay less than other healthcare companies in your area you run the risk that your employees will always be looking for an extra dollar or two and will leave your company as soon as they get a better offer. Instead, establish a competitive salary option that will keep people interested and engage. Your HR department should also review salaries regularly to determine if you are still meeting the industry standards.
  • The investment will be returned by better services. Healthcare, whether it is clinical or administrative, is ultimately a service for the individual patients entering your practice or hospital. You may not think of patients as customers but they will drive your organization and the better experience they have the more likely they will return and refer others. Your staff is the front line to that interaction. If you provide better services you will be more successful.

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