What Separates An Accountant From The Rest Of The Pack

When you’re interviewing candidates for an accounting position how can you tell the best candidate from the rest of the pack? Meeting with sometimes five or ten candidates who all possess the same skills can make it difficult to understand the subtle differences that make one of them the top candidate. Here is a closer look at the traits that will make your accounting candidate successful in your business.

Comfortable with Technology

Old guard accountants are known to be stubborn when it comes to learning new computer programs, but that is no longer acceptable. Technology is changing rapidly and it is taking every other industry along with it for the ride. Today’s strongest accounting candidates will have a keen grasp on technology and are willing to learn new things as they come along.

Asks Questions to Learn More

A good candidate is someone who never stops learning. If you talk to a candidate who is looking for a place where they can crunch numbers and not talk to anyone all day until they retire, they are probably not the right candidate for your job. You want to hire someone who has a drive to be better, to advance their career, and take your company to the next level.

Problem Solvers, Not Complainers

There are two types of people in this world: positive and negative. Negative people complain about why something can’t be done, positive people figure out a way to do it. Hiring people whose default setting is complaining will quickly bring down the remainder of the team.

Takes Responsibility for Their Actions

Negative people often come with some additional baggage. Not only do they complain about why they can’t make something happen, they are usually the first person to point the finger elsewhere when something goes wrong. A top candidate is willing to take responsibility for their actions and correct them.

Will Fit in Well with Your Current Staff

Lastly, you really want your next accounting employee to fit in easily with the team you already have in place. When talking with candidates determine what their general personality is and how their core values would match your existing team.

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