Motivational Tips For Your Nursing Team

Employee motivation and retention are hot topics in healthcare today. The future of the industry means that nurses will be in demand, and it is cheaper and easier to keep your current team happy than hire an entirely new nursing staff. Here are some practical tips for keeping your nursing team motivated and engaged on the job.

Ask for Feedback

Your staff is on the ground, and they see things happening from day to day that can help improve the overall performance of your facility. Don’t let that information get lost. Ask your nursing team for regular feedback. Do they have concerns? Do they have ideas for improving performance? More importantly, use their information to make improvements.

Ask for Decision-Making Help

By the same token, asking your team for input on changes that you want to make to policies and procedures should also be second nature. If you have a big change in mind, don’t just launch it and hope for the best. Talk to them about their expectations and what they like and don’t like about the policy. Nurses really want to know that their opinions count.

Be Available

Good managers have an open door policy. Let your staff know that you’re available at any time for any reason. If you are accessible, they will be more likely to talk to you about problems they have or ideas for improvements. However, managers that are more distant often find they don’t have a good working relationship with their staff.

Recognize Excellence in the Workplace

Finally, don’t be afraid to praise your staff for the work that they do. Recognition of a job well done goes a very long way to motivating a team. Provide incentives and rewards. Have an employee recognition program that will demonstrate your commitment to their good work.

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