Use Technology To Get Better With HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was established in the late 1990s to help protect the confidentiality and security of consumer healthcare information as well as control administrative costs of the healthcare industry. It is critical that facilities and businesses needing access to healthcare information remain HIPAA compliant at all levels. The easiest way to get better with HIPAA may be to use technology. Here are some ways this can work for you.

Delivery notifications and read receipts

HIPAA is all about accountability. It is essential that everyone who handles this sensitive information is accountable for what happened with it when it was in their possession. The best way to make sure that everyone receives and reads important communications regarding medical files is to utilize your email’s built in delivery notification and read receipt functions. This area isn’t a subject to make any assumptions. Having a physical tracking will eliminate any potential discrepancies.

Collaborative environment for healthcare professionals

Using a platform that allows everyone who needs this confidential access to log in securely and access information is extremely efficient. A secure collaborative environment where changes can be made by multiple users if necessary will stop duplicate work from happening and prevent the information from getting lost in the shuffle. Multiple copies of the same document being passed around the department or read by team members ensures mistakes will be made. It also encourages your team to work together to ensure that your patients receive the best care possible from all of their healthcare providers.

Secure texting from multiple platforms

Communication today shouldn’t be limited to email. SMS and texting is also an excellent way to ensure that all messages regarding this information remain secure. This is a fast and easy way to ensure the important information gets into the right hands, and only the right hands. Texting can happen from a variety of devices, not just mobile, so make use of this in your company.

Use apps to allow for confidential communications

Lastly, if your staff has access to smart phones or handheld devices then a number of options are available for communication. There are a variety of apps available through iOS and Google that can help facilitate the secure exchange of information. The key is to make sure the app is HIPAA compliant before utilizing it. For example, multiple apps exist that can help facilitate the online secure texting between users.With HIPAA and confidential information, security is not an area to take lightly.

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