Keep Up With Latest Technology In Mobile Banking

As an accounting professional, it is imperative that you continue to advance your knowledge of the field in these changing times. As more individuals and corporations turn to mobile banking for their regular financial transactions, what do you need to know to provide the best service to your clients? Here are some of the latest tools available for online banking.

  • Online banking from your current institution. Whether you’re advising an individual or a corporation, the first step to successful online banking is to utilize the services provided by their own financial institution. Every bank and credit union will offer some level of online service. You can review all statements and accounts on the website and have notifications sent to you to keep track of spending and the current balance.
  • Mobile applications for easy use. To make accessing these tools even easier, all of the major banks have easy to install mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms that can make banking on the go even easier. Just one click can allow users to transfer money and pay bills. Many people today are making use of mobile deposits where the app allows you to take a photo of the check and deposit it immediately.
  • Financial calculators to help with planning. Outside of your bank, you may also wish to utilize financial calculators that can help with long-term planning and budgeting. Both the iTunes and Google Play app stores will have a variety to choose from and they are usually free or can be purchased for a low cost. Once you have the apps on your phone, you can use them to keep track of your expenses. Some apps also will alert you to unauthorized credit card purchases and can sync between multiple devices so everyone is on the same page.
  • Automatic bill pay. Another popular use of online and mobile banking is the ability to establish automatic bill pay. The user will submit the information needed for the bank to pay monthly expenses, which will be withdrawn and sent each month automatically. It is essential to remember that automatic withdrawals should be used with accounts that will not become overdrawn accidentally.

While a lot of these tips may seem commonplace, everyone adapts to technology at a different pace. Working in accounting or in a financial field, being knowledgeable about the latest trends in your field will establish credibility with your customers and clients.

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