Recharge Your Staff during the Summer Months

In the time of year when everyone would rather be at the beach or the pool, it can be hard to focus on work. There are so many distractions this time of year that it can be difficult to keep your team on track and dedicated. How can you keep your staff recharged and ready to roll every day on the job this summer? Here are some ideas.

Create a Summer Schedule

Depending on the exact role of each employee there may be some room for schedule flexibility and a way to offer your staff extra time off in the summer without sacrificing your productivity. Maybe you can allow your team to work four 10-hour days. They could be off on Friday or to maintain the right coverage, they can stagger their days throughout the week.

Host a Summer Party

A good old-fashioned summer party is still one of the best ways to motivate your team. Invite your staff and their families for a picnic or, if your team is small, an overnight retreat. This allows everyone to socialize outside of work and give them a chance to relax. You can plan a team building event but avoid over planning. You want to make sure everyone has fun.

Surprise Your Staff

Rewarding your team for their accomplishments is great, but sometimes these programs can become predictable. Instead, offer unexpected and fun surprises to kick people into high gear this time of year. Offer a prize for best parking job or most photos of their dog. Give an award for bringing their lunch in every day for a week rather than eating fast food.

Volunteer in Your Community

When recent graduates are asked what they look for in an employer, they almost always say they want someone who is dedicated to the community. The best way to demonstrate this is to participate in volunteer activities. Ask your team what organizations they would like to support. Do a fundraiser or a project that will directly benefit your community.

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