Use LinkedIn to Your Networking Advantage

Both candidates and employers can benefit from using LinkedIn to connect with one another. But how do you know the best strategies? We wanted to take a quick look at the way that LinkedIn networking can help both parties in the job search connect to one another. Here a few things you should do today whether you’re an employer or a job seeker.

Change your headline.

The default LinkedIn headline is the job title of your most current position. Never leave it that way. You can edit the title or headline in your profile screen. As a job seeker, create something that will draw the attention of the employers you want to work with. As a hiring manager, indicate that you are a decision maker in your company. This is a critical first step for getting the right views on your profile.

Join groups and participate.

LinkedIn is a participatory website. In order to get the most out of it (just like anything in life), both as a job seeker and an employer, you need to put work into it. Join groups that are relevant to your experience, interests, and location. Once you’ve joined then you need to participate. Answer questions that are posed, provide relevant information, and generally be of service. This will help both candidates and hiring managers meet the people they need.

Check out the people you may know.

Once a day you should click on the “people you may know” suggestions and select a few potential connections who may be a fit to help you. These are people that LinkedIn’s algorithms have determined may be a match for you in terms of industry or location. These will typically be people who connections of connections. Tailor your message to each one describing why you want to connect. Showing that you took a few minutes to tailor a specific message will be more successful than the generic message.

Post updates regularly.

As a job seeker or an employer, you should use LinkedIn as your primary online networking site. Post updates several times a week to include what you’re doing or what you’re looking for. Don’t always self-promote. You can use this space to share relevant articles that can be helpful and attract the right connections. Provide content and insight to other people without the expectations of getting anything back.

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