Get Noticed As A Passive Job Seeker

A passive job seeker, by the very definition, is someone who is not actively looking for a new job. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t entertain an offer if the right possibility came along. Companies are often looking specifically for the passive job seeker perhaps through blogs, LinkedIn, or their competition. If you are happy where you are but open to other possibilities, how do you attract the right attention without jeopardizing your current job? Let’s look at some easy tips.

Leverage LinkedIn

The best way to look for a job without looking for a job is to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is consistently up to date. It is a good way to keep your resume current without posting yourself on the job boards or making your search public. Plus, it can become a professional resource for you when you do need it. Post updates about your work, participate in group discussions, and share helpful links.

Start a blog

Many hiring managers and recruiters who seek out passive candidates are looking for industry experts and thought leaders. You don’t need to be dissatisfied with your current job to position yourself as an expert online. Create a website and start a blog to share your ideas about what you do with a wider audience. This is a great marketing tool for you in the long term.

Consider volunteering

If you just want to feel like you’re giving back to your community you can spend time volunteering and using your skills to benefit your areas. During these activities, you never know who you will meet and someone might be keeping an eye on local volunteers as potential future employees. This does not need to affect your current employment in any way.

Focus on your career

Lastly, the best thing you can do to be a desirable passive job seeker is to continue to focus on excellence throughout your career. Do good things, follow your strengths, and be an asset to your current company. Making professional waves and a name for yourself in the industry will create competition for you as a candidate, whether you’re looking to leave your current job or not. If you keep working hard and developing yourself professionally, then good opportunities will find you during the long term.

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