Find A Mentor To Shape Your Career

Whatever field you’re in, someone else has already taken the path to their success. There is no reason for you to reinvent the wheel every time. Instead, think about creating a mentor relationship with someone who can help you in your career journey. Mentors can be people who have influenced you, members of your community, or even an accountability group that engages and encourages you. There are no hard and fast rules about who should be a mentor or how you should interact with them, but there are ways to make the best of the relationship. Here are some of the ways a mentor can help shape your career.

Enhances your networking skills

If you’re shy or even just a little introverted, it can be incredibly frightening to reach out to someone you admire and talk about their career path. If you feel like you’re being intrusive, that’s perfectly normal. If you can get past that fear then you can develop a great relationship that can aid you as you climb your professional ladder. Networking is a crucial skill and this can be the start to cultivating it. Even though you’re going into this situation looking to get a lot from your mentor, also show what you can provide your potential mentor since this relationship isn’t just one-sided.

Learn lessons from their mistakes

You will learn a lot of things from your mentor. You will find out about how they got started, what choices they made long the way, and how they go to where they are now. But another important thing they can share is how they failed and what they did to pick themselves back up again. Embracing failure and learning from it is a hallmark of a good leader, and a good mentor.

Someone to hold you accountable

When you’re starting something new, sometimes the hardest thing will be getting past self-inflicted hurdles. You might have a hard time taking a few steps, but if someone is counting on you to succeed then it will be easier. A mentor, or a group of like-minded people, can become your accountability group to help you stay on track and move to the next level. They will provide motivation and keep you on your path of focusing on the process and not just reacting to short-term results.

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