Methods For Nurses To Keep Training

Do you struggle with turnover on your nursing staff? If so, there may be one key ingredient that can help turn the tide. If you can offer your nurses an opportunity for continuous job growth and training, they are far more likely to be loyal to you and your facility. However, the process can be tricky so it is important to understand the best methods to encourage continued training for your nursing staff. Here are some methods to keep in mind.

Build a Culture of Aging

If you want loyalty from your staff then you should keep in mind their changing needs as they age. Support for retirement, advanced career options, and opportunities for when they are unable to perform physical work are all important. This can keep them happy and engaged to know that their employer is interested in their long-term well being.

Start a Nurse Residency Program

A big challenge with the education process for becoming a nurse is that, upon graduation, the new nurses don’t have a lot of professional experience. Doctors, on the other hand, have to go through an intense residency program to gain hands-on experience. Consider starting a program for new nurses to get similar training to learn how to be great nurses while on the job. That program also will allow your facility to see which new nurses you want to offer full-time positions.

Create Mentorships

Your seasoned professionals also have a lot to share with the new generation of nurses. Engage both groups by encouraging them to interact with each other as mentors. As people gain experience and new employees start, mentees can transition to mentorship positions themselves. This is a great way for knowledge to be passed on in the workplace. Since the relationship isn’t a manager-to-nurse dynamic, more opinions and information can be shared that lead to better understanding and growth.

Retain Good Managers

Management also plays a key role in the advancement and training of your nursing staff. Nurses will be far more loyal to a manager who treats them well and with respect. They will also react positively to performance rewards and benefits for doing a great job. If you retain good managers then you will retain good nurses.

Provide Tools and Support

Lastly, in order to facilitate long-term training for your nursing staff, you need to provide them the right tools and support. If they need technology to advance their training, give them this opportunity. If they need tuition reimbursement to help with continuing education, provide this. Do what you can to support your nursing staff and they will remain loyal to you.

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