Develop Your Next Set of Leaders Internally

Are you running an accounting firm or department that depends on top talent for success? Few people enter the accounting field as a leader, so how can you prepare your next generation of successful managers for their futures? Rather than looking outside your organization for accounting leaders, use this time to develop your internal candidates for leadership roles that can enhance their careers. Here are some tips to get you started.

Determine who has leadership qualities

Not everyone on your staff will possess natural leadership abilities. These aren’t necessarily learned skills, they are personality traits that each individual already has or doesn’t have. Watch how people interact with each other. Look for inherent leadership abilities and the employees who take charge of projects and assignments.

Identify the places they can improve

This doesn’t refer to their own self-improvement but rather to that of your firm or office. When you see what leadership skills your team possesses, look at what aspects of your business could benefit from their specific style. Is someone more outgoing? They could help with outreach and customer satisfaction along with their accounting work. Is a potential leader more of a quiet personality? Let them be in charge of projects that don’t require as much interaction but have just as much importance. This will give them an added dimension to their role as well.

Create a clear plan of succession

You need to create a career path that will help leaders succeed and progress within your business. There are certain milestones that need to be achieved and when they are, rewards and additional responsibilities are provided. Each employee needs to be made aware of what it takes to achieve career progression within your organization so they can make plans to pursue it if that is their goal.

Provide training

Lastly, you should always provide the right tools to help train your staff. Not only will this enhance your business in the future but it will enhance it right now. Offer leadership training for anyone interested. Provide the software that will help them achieve their goals and work more efficiently. Allow employees to explore their own interests to keep them engaged and free from career burnout.

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