8 Ways a Staffing Firm Will Help You Land Your Next Job

Job seekers today know that the market has evolved greatly in the past couple of decades. Since the recession spanning all or parts of 2007, 2008 and 2009, the process has changed at a lot of companies. That change can leave some of the most qualified candidates still out in the cold. What if there was another way to help you land your next great job? One of the best ways to follow your career path is to work with a recruiter at a staffing firm that is experienced in helping job seekers find the jobs they’re looking for. Here are eight ways a staffing firm can help you land your next job.

  1. Directed job search. A recruiter with a staffing firm will be able to help you narrow down local opportunities that are a fit for your experience.
  2. No cost to you. Never forget that a staffing agency will not charge the job seeker at any time during the process. All of the money for the staffing agency’s services are handled at the client level.
  3. Temporary employment. There may be opportunities for flexible employment as well to help you determine the best places for you to work on your schedule. Temporary employment provides the opportunity to learn new skills or training.
  4. Access to networks. By working with a recruiter you are expanding your network exponentially by having access to all of their professional contacts. Staffing firms can have access to jobs that don’t get public postings, leading to more potential opportunities for the job candidate.
  5. Interview coaching. Your recruiter will also be able to help you prepare for upcoming interviews by letting you know what the client is looking for and how to approach the conversation.
  6. Specialized resources. If your experience is specialized, such as in the legal or healthcare fields, you can work with recruiters who are experts in these industries. They will have more connections than general recruiters.
  7. Enhanced communications. Your staffing agency will also help facilitate communications between you and the clients which will help you stay in the loop on more opportunities.
  8. Future career support. Your relationship with a recruiter and their staffing agency never ends even when you’re fully employed. You may eventually become a client or you can utilize their services again in the future. They may have a future job opening that fits your skillset, leading to the staffing agency recruiting you as a passive job candidate.

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