Non-Partnership Tracks Can Help Your Law Firm

Have you considered creating non-partnership tracks for your law firm? This new trend in legal employment is changing the conversation around what it means to be a lawyer. The days of long hours and very little work-life balance may be a thing of the past as some law firms decide to include non-partnership job tracks in their business model. So what is it and how can it help your firm? Here is a closer look.

What is a non-partnership track?

In most traditional legal jobs, it is expected that a lawyer will labor in the so-called trenches for a period of time before working their way up to becoming a partner in the firm or, even, branching out on their own. However, this high-powered job is becoming less desirable for many lawyers and an alternative has been created. A non-partnership track job has many of the same functions as a partner but allows for more flexibility on the job.

How it helps with work/life balance.

You’ve seen it in every movie about lawyers ever made. You’ve probably also seen it in real life, too. Lawyers work 60 to 70 hours or more a week, are never home, and never feel like they see their families. While it is sometimes an exaggeration, there is always a nugget of truth. Many lawyers today want to maintain their home and work lives in more balanced ways, so not becoming a partner provides a more attractive option.

How it help with your budget.

For the law firm, the benefits are clear. You employ lawyers with all the credentials of your partners but pay them a lower salary. Many employees are willing to make this trade because of the increased flexibility they will have. This helps maintain your overall budget so you can still provide the services that your clients expect.

How the cost savings are passed on to clients.

Speaking of clients, there is another aspect of the current business climate that is helping law firms better understand why non-partnership tracks are a good idea. Clients are looking at the same services for less money as the cost of doing business continues to go up. Working with a skilled lawyer who is not paid at a partner level allows you to pass these savings on to your client and increase retention.

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