3 Ways to Advance Your Healthcare Career

Do you feel like your healthcare career is stuck in a rut? It may not be the job itself, or even the industry, but rather a sense of stagnation that will quickly hold you back from feeling fully accomplished. If you want to move forward in your career, you may want to consider trying a few new things to help advance your position and get past this block. Before you go into work for one more day unhappy with your current circumstances, consider the alternatives. Here are three things you can start today to advance your career in healthcare.

Get an Advanced Degree

There are many aspects of healthcare that you can focus on for your career. If you’re in the office, consider going back to school for healthcare administration or healthcare management. If you prefer the clinical setting, go back and become a physician’s assistant or registered nurse. There are a number of possibilities, and you can pick the program that best suits your personal likes and your long-term career goals. Look at local schools and talk with an advisor to see what works best for your career.

Take Extra Assignments

Another way to advance your career in healthcare is to volunteer to help out along the way. Take extra assignments or offer to help an overwhelmed co-worker with their backlog. If you’re working in temporary settings, take extra assignments as they are offered by your agency. You can even volunteer with a local non-profit to use your skills in a way that is more fulfilling to you. All of these aspects will give others an excellent perception of you as a candidate, and it can lead to better, longer-term opportunities.

Continue Networking

Many people make a big mistake once they feel settled in their careers. Even if you’re gainfully employed, you need to continue to network within your industry. Why? Because you never know what can happen in your job or for the future. On top of that, if you continue to networking, you will also be in a good position to better understand future opportunities or be seen by others who are willing to help you advance. Get out to industry events and talk to people you meet when you’re out and about.

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