There’s a Growing Demand for Specialized Lawyers

Is there a growing demand for lawyers who specialize in certain fields rather than offer a little of everything? If so, what areas of expertise are most sought after by law firms and their clients? Before you continue in your career, you may want to consider the implications of being either a generalist or a specialist. Here is a look at some of the specializations that are in demand in the legal marketplace right now.


With such big changes in the healthcare landscape across the United States right now, it is no wonder that there is a big need for specialists with healthcare experience. As people continue to figure out how to work with the new insurance system, and as healthcare companies learn to deal with the new normal, more lawyers with this expertise will be in demand. There is also a need for lawyers with experience in medical malpractice suits.

Real estate

Since the bubble burst on the housing market in 2007, there has been an increased need for experts with real estate law. As housing sales are now picking, more opportunities exist for lawyers with this expertise. There are also aspects of home buying that had never been a consideration before, such as short sales and high rates of bank foreclosures. Real estate also affects commercial properties and as businesses grow, so do these opportunities.

Intellectual property

There is often very little gray area when it comes to property ownership. Someone damages someone else’s property and they are liable for the results. But what if there is a dispute regarding the ownership of an idea? For example, with the growing craft beer industry throughout the United States, each new brewery, and subsequently their individual beers, need to register unique names. If you name your beer the same as another brewery, especially a big one with more money, you may face a lawsuit – even if the mistake was accidental.

Information security

Of course, we can’t possibly leave out the issues with information security. While this is a big industry for the information technology sector, there is a level on which legal advice will play a role. For a company that invests millions of dollars to ensure that their data is protected, what kind of protection do they have when that data is breached? A lawyer with a specialization in information security will be very useful for these businesses.

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