How Can Nurses Meet the Expectations of Their Nurse Managers?

You have a lot of responsibilities on the job when you’re working as a nurse. In fact, most of the time you’re pulled in so many different directions that it can truly affect the quality of your work. Beyond just about anything else, nurses also have to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of their direct managers. How can you know if you’re on the right track? Here are what most nurse managers expect from their staff on a daily basis.

Exemplary patient care.

Your nurse managers want to know that, first and foremost, you are providing the best care you can to your patients. This means you need to set aside any frustrations, not let if affect the wrong people and remain positive and engaged. If you can commit to this, you’re already living up to the most important expectation of your job.

Completion of all required documentation.

Regardless of your specialization, there will be a paperwork component of your job. It can be easy to let this work slide until the last minute, but if you do that then you run the risk of not getting it done at all (or not doing it well). Make time in your day to ensure that you are completing this work in a timely fashion. It will also help your stress level if you stay on top of it.

Strong communications skills.

Your managers also expect that you will maintain strong communications skills at all times. You need to effectively communicate with them, your co-workers, and your patients. This applies to face-to-face communication, over the phone and via e-mail. Keep your correspondence professional and positive. Never deliver bad news over email. And if you’re in doubt, make a phone call.

Adherence to legal and facility policies.

Finally, it is critical for both you and your management staff that you are compliant with any federal or state laws and facility policies that impact the integrity of your operations. If you make a mistake, own up to it. If you consistently have problems with these legal issues, your performance will not only affect you but also your managers and the reputation of the hospital or office.

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