Showcase These Skills to Land Your Next Accounting Job

Accounting jobs seem simple. You like numbers, you can be an accountant. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, accounting affects almost every aspect of business so there are a variety of ways to contribute to the industry throughout your career. No one works in a bubble and regardless of the job you want, there are some soft skills you need to develop to excel. Which non-math skills do you need to demonstrate in order to land your next accounting job? Here are some things to consider.

Confidence and competence.

Portraying a positive attitude and confidence in your skills is an attractive trait to hiring managers. They want to know they’re hiring someone who is secure in their abilities. Sit up straight, share your accomplishments and demonstrate that you are the candidate they want. But be careful. Don’t cross the line from confidence to arrogance.

Technology skills like the Cloud.

Accounting is more than just numbers and ledgers. Especially in today’s connected world, having technology skills will put you ahead of your competition. Most importantly, understanding specialized software and technology will help you advance quickly. The Cloud is being used more and more by accounting firms and companies who need specialists. An ability (and willingness) to adapt and learn the latest technologies will also be helpful for your job candidacy. Technology will continue to evolve to make processes more efficient. Being accepting of those changes is positive.

Written and verbal communication.

Every job seeker, regardless of their specialization, needs to cultivate excellent communications skills. You’ll notice it is highlighted in pretty much every job posting you respond to. But, unfortunately, far too many job seekers just assume that they are effective without actually practicing this skill. Take time to improve your ability to communicate and it will show. This communication doesn’t just have to be verbal but also relates to written communication. Companies aren’t going to spend time teaching employees how to communicate via email. Well-written and clear communication will become apparent in your initial correspondence with the company.

Strong teamwork inclination.

Lastly, there is a stereotype that many accountants are introverts who are unwilling to interact with others in the office. But not only is that not true, but many accounting jobs require strong skills in team building and working with others. Demonstrate that you have this experience and can work with many kinds of people. Highlight projects you’ve worked on previously and how you helped clients achieve their goals. Show which part of the successful project you were responsible for but also give credit to others.

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