Which Skills Are Needed in Financial Job Candidates?

Are you in the market for a new financial job? Or maybe you’ve recently graduated with a degree in mathematics, finance, business, or economics and are interested in moving forward with a career in the financial industry. There are a variety of potential careers beyond just public accounting or payroll that may be a good for you. There is a huge demand for Fintech, or finance professionals with an IT background. There are also plenty of ways that finance and economics cross over with sociology. If you’re not sure what path to take, consider developing these in-demand skills to help you find your next job. Any one of these skill sets could open doors for you in your career. Let’s take a closer look.

Big Data and Analytics

Most people don’t associate big data with finance. Rather, they assume that it is in the domain of information technology. But the collection of big data and what companies do with it is critical for their financial departments, so having a background in this kind of analytics is in high demand by a variety of firms. Your background with big data and analysis can benefit you long term in your career. Consider taking a few classes that can help you navigate the world of big data.

Basic but Important Skills

On the other hand, people get caught up in potential high-level careers that they forget companies have an immediate need for basic but important accounting functions. These might include things like accounts receivables, accounts payables and payroll. Knowing how to do these tasks will make you a desirable candidate for a variety of potential positions. They are also skills that can help you advance your career into management and help develop the next generation of talent in the future.

Compliance Knowledge

There is also a big need for individuals who have experience with financial compliance. Since the recession, banks are responsible for maintaining a variety of compliance certifications, and this trickles down to any business that works with these large banking corporations. Knowing the background of things like Dodd-Frank and a variety of anti-money laundering compliance programs will take you far in your career, especially in the Washington D.C. area.

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