4 Areas to Shine in When Searching for a Legal Administrative Assistant Job

You know that legal administrative assistant positions are competitive, so how can you stand out from the crowd? There are a lot of people vying for this position, so creating a narrative that allows you to rise to the top is imperative. Before you start submitting your resume, consider how to add a few things to it and your cover letter that can demonstrate your specific skills. These items can help you shine and attract the right employer.

Technology Skills

Technology is really influencing the legal industry, to showcasing how well you know the latest tech will give you an advantage. What have you learned in the last year that can translate to an administrative assistant position in a law office? What can you learn? Take classes to help fill out this aspect of your resume so you put yourself in the best position for the future.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are inherent traits that you bring to the table. Rather than skills with Microsoft Word, a soft skill is something like communication. They may be your organizational skills. Or your ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds. You can demonstrate these skills not only by expressing them on your resume but by employing them in your other written correspondence. For instance, make sure your cover letter is impeccably written to show your skill with composing written communications.

Added Value

Your job as a job seeker is to prove to a new firm that the work you’ve done in the past can now benefit them. Think of the ways you helped improve your last workplace. How did your skills directly impact the processes, billable hours, or any other tangible aspect of their legal business? Now, show how you can do this for the new firm if they hire you.

Communications Skills

Lastly, we’ve already discussed your written communications, but make sure your phone skills and face-to-face experience is on point as well. This will be harder to demonstrate in a resume, but your written communication should entice the hiring manager into calling you. Once you have them on the phone, you need to step up your communication skills and encourage them to invite you in to meet with them.

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