What Do You Say to a Recruiter in Accounting?

Getting unsolicited phone calls can be problematic, especially during this election season. But if you’re on the job market, a call from a recruiter can be a breath of fresh air. As an accounting candidate, what can you say to a recruiter to help both of you better understand your needs and know how to move forward? Here are some of the best ways to communicate with the person looking for candidates for their clients’ jobs.

How to answer the call.

You might think answering the call is the easy part, but many recruiters get blown off by potential candidates who never answer or return their calls. Why? Because some job seekers believe that recruiters are just looking for candidates to add to their databases. This isn’t the purpose of staffing, but it can be a byproduct. A recruiter will have to talk to dozens of candidates to find the right match for their client. But you can’t be that match if you’re not even willing to answer the phone.

How to gauge your interest.

This phone call can be as informative for you as it is for the recruiter. Ask them questions about the job, their company, how they found you, and why they think you will be a fit. You can use this conversation to better understand your own interest in the job. It is okay to say no, thank you, but not until after you know what the process is all about. Once you’ve had a phone introduction, set up a face to face meeting to learn even more.

Being honest about your needs.

It is okay to speak frankly with the recruiter about what you want and need in a new position. In fact, being honest like this will be a breath of fresh air for them. Tell them what you’re looking for, what you want out of a company, your salary expectations, your schedule, relocation, and more. Be confident, but don’t be pushy about it. Know that they sometimes don’t have control over these features, but they can make a good case for you if they believe you’re the best candidate they can present.

Understanding your place in the process.

Once you and the recruiter mutually decide to move forward with representation, make sure you follow up with them during the process. Find out how you are submitted and when. Find out how the company will be conducting face-to-face interviews and how many other candidates they’ve met with. Also, keep the recruiter informed of your own job search and where you are with any other companies you’ve spoken with.

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