Should You Try a Unique Resume Format?

There are countless ways to design a resume, and today’s digitally-based communications styles have opened up additional options for job seekers. So when do you cast aside the traditional resume in favor of something a little more creative? Before you decide on a unique resume design, there are some things you should consider about yourself, your job search, and your target companies. Here is some advice to help you decide the best resume format for you.

How does your resume stand out from the crowd?

You will have a lot of competition in your job search, so the first obvious question is how can you stand out? Sometimes a creative resume will be just the ticket. If your resume is unique, compared to all of the other resumes on the table, it will garner a second look.

Should your resume be visual like an infographic?

One trend for unique resumes today is to design it to look like an infographic. Infographics are a unique evolution of our information age. They’re designed to distil lots of details into small, visual chunks. This concept can be easily translated to a resume format.

How does it fit your overall personality?

Are you a creative person? Then maybe something unique and creative can match your personality. If you’re more conservative, a traditional resume may be a better fit. Your resume needs to represent you, so unique is only beneficial if it sends the right message.

How does it communicate your skills and experience?

Unique is fine, but it also has a job to do. You need to demonstrate your experience and skills in a way that will make the employer interested in considering you for their open position. If your resume is unique but doesn’t actually communicate this information, then it will be useless to the hiring manager and ignored.

What is the overall message you want to send?

Ultimately, if you choose a unique resume format or a more traditional resume format, you’re sending a message to the reader. What is that message you want to convey? How can you use the format to share your unique story with the company considering you for their open position?

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