Improve Client Communication Through Video Conferencing

We are well into the 21st century, and for many law firms, it means embracing modern technology is an important ingredient for success. Have you considered the use of video conferencing? Legal offices are utilizing this option to improve client communications in a way that was previously unavailable. If you haven’t thought about using video conferencing services, such as Skype or GoToMeeting, here are some reasons to take a second look.

Get more overall facetime.

Everyone involved is busy and sometimes face-to-face meetings can be difficult to plan, especially if you’re not necessarily close geographically. A video conference can allow you to have more meetings facing one another that can help you communicate in a better way than over the phone or via email. You can see each other’s body language as well as have more conversations in general.

Interaction with remote workers.

Many law firms are also allowing some members of their staff to work remotely. When this happens, it can be even more challenging to include each member of your staff in a conference with a client. But with modern technological solutions, you can include everyone in the conversation. This means you won’t have to inconvenience either your client or your remote employee with a commute to have an important conversation.

Improve clarity and messaging.

Face-to-face communication is best for clarity of the message. Why? It is body language that really allows us to better understand where we are coming from when we discuss important matters. You can see how someone reacts to the news. You can also better determine the how honest they’re being in the conversation. The tone is also important, which can be completely lost in an email.

Make meeting more convenient.

With busy schedules and long commutes, a video conference can be scheduled with convenience in mind. Blocking out an hour for the meeting will be an actual hour rather than the time before and after to commute to the location. This will also mean more meetings can start and end on time. This will help everyone involved in the conversation plan their days around realistic time frames and not lose any productivity in the process.

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