You Got the Job Offer – What Should You Ask Now?

You may think your job search is over once you get that job offer, but now is where the real work begins. We’re not talking about the actual work every day on the job, but the work to determine if this is a job you want to accept. What should you ask a company to learn more about the opportunity before saying “Yes?” Here are our suggestions on the types of questions that will help you get more insight and make sure you’re accepting the right job offer, not just any job offer.

Ask for more details about the company itself.

Hopefully, you’ve been given the details of the organization, but if you haven’t this is your opportunity to ask. Find out what you can about the company’s history as well as its future goals. Learn about how each individual piece fits together to provide the service or product to the end customer.

Learn about the office culture.

The office culture will be one of the most important things to contribute to your success at the new job. You want to know the pace of the work, the work style, the management style, and the environment. If you want a conservative office but you find they are casual and creative, it may not be a good fit.

Inquire what the actual schedule will be.

If you’re looking for an office job, you may be expecting that it would be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but assumptions can lead to difficult situations in the future. Talk to them about the expectations for the hours. With the new Department of Labor overtime rules, find out if the position will require additional hours or will be a set schedule.

Find out more about management styles.

You want to know more about your direct manager. If you’ve been meeting with an HR representative, hiring manager, or recruiter it is imperative that you take the time to meet up with the direct supervisor to this job. This will be the person you interact with the most, so getting along with them will be critical to your success.

Determine if they support innovation, creativity, and continued learning.

There are also some fringe benefit things that may not be discussed along the way. What kind of innovation does the company do? Are they willing to work with employees who have ideas moving forward? Do they support the advancement and offer training programs for the future?

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