Land the Best New Hires Before They Graduate

Accounting talent isn’t always as easy to find as it was in the past. Huge changes in the industry are making this a very different job that it was for previous generations. So how can you find top accounting prospects in the current employment pool? The best answer is to target them before they even graduate. By creating programs that allow you to connect with college students, you can attract the best candidates to your door. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make use of internship programs.

An internship program developed with your local university can help you determine whether or not they might be a good employee for your company long term. Like temporary staff, working with an intern can give you an inside look at how they fit into your company culture, their overall motivation, and their aptitude for learning.

Evaluate their follow up skills.

It is also important to see how potential candidates react to correspondence. When you speak to a college student about your business or an internship, do you receive a thank you note? You want someone who is eager, but who is also confident about their future.

Attend campus job fairs.

Many companies assume that job fairs are not worth their time, but there is real value in attending these events. Work with your local colleges, tech schools, and universities to set up shop at a job fair and meet as many employees as possible. Don’t forget to ask them to follow up.

Evaluate your corporate culture.

You also want to make sure that you’re creating an environment that will be attractive to recent graduates. What kind of benefits can you offer? What is your company’s work/life balance like? How does advancement or professional development work within your company?

Become a mentor.

Finally, consider becoming a mentor to young college students interested in learning more about your field. You may find that you are able to learn more about students when you’re helping them with their career path and may find individuals who would be a good fit for your company once they’ve graduated.

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