4 Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse

There are a lot of ways to break into the medical community. Is nursing on the top of your list? It might be possible to advance your career in the right direction by considering a path to becoming a registered nurse, or RN. Before you decide how to proceed with your education, considered these 4 benefits of a continued education toward an RN.

1. Make more money than an LPN.

While money may not be your only motivating factor, it would be disingenuous to suggest it should have nothing to do with your decision. Getting your license as a registered nurse opens up many more high paying possibilities than an LPN career can unlock. According to Salary.com, an entry level RN position in Washington DC has a median annual salary of $62,000 per year.

2. Create the potential for specialization.

When you’ve become a registered nurse, you will also find that you open the door for specializations that can help define your career long term. You are not required as an RN to work under another nurse, so there are more opportunities for advancement. You may choose to work with a particular condition, such as becoming a cardiac nurse, or a specific demographic like geriatrics or pediatrics.

3. Advance into management.

LPNs do not have the flexibility to become a team leader, but RNs do. You can also pursue your master’s degree to further your potential in the medical field. An RN has the ability to move into management positions and no longer work in a clinical setting, which can be good for some individuals who want to have less contact with patients day to day.

4. Have more job security.

The roles taken by LPNs and RNs have been evolving over the years. There is more stability within the medical field, and among more diverse job opportunities for RNs. LPNs, for example, are not often found in typical hospital jobs today and their roles are being relegated to long term care or rehab facilities. But, as an RN, you will have more flexibility for the type of job you want in your career.

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