How Do You Shift from Accountant to Controller?


You’re well on your way in your financial career, but have you decided on the next step? There are many paths you can take. If you’re currently an accountant, you may want to discover the right career path to becoming a controller. How do you start? What are the right decisions to make to help drive you in the best direction? Here are just a few things you can do to enhance your experience and aim for a career as a controller.

Review the Company’s Career Path

When you’re considering a new opportunity, look to see if there is a possibility to direct your career toward a controller position in the future. If the company doesn’t appear to offer an accounting to controller career path, they may not be best suited to your goals at this time. That said, there may be other instances where getting the right experience early on can help you develop into a controller career in the future.

Work in Public Accounting and Audits

Two aspects of accounting that can help you eventually maneuver into a controller position in the future are public accounting and auditing. Many individuals fresh out of school with their new finance and accounting degrees will go into one of the big accounting firms. The will deal with public accounting as well as audits for large and small businesses. This can help you build the tools you need to succeed in the future.

Improve Your Soft Skills

Being a controller is more than just a numbers job. It is a good idea to work on your soft skills as well. Soft skills are those intangible skills that might not be measured by skills evaluations or experience. As a controller, you will need to deal with people from all levels of management, so communications skills are paramount. Practice your skills in person, over the phone, and in writing to ensure that you have a grasp on the requirements of the job for the future.

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