What Are the Latest Salary Trends for Accountants in The DMV?


There is a lot of opportunity in an area as wide reaching as DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you’re looking for an accounting position, what kind of salary expectations can you have for a new job in a variety of specializations? Before you start your job hunt, and salary negotiations, it is important to do as much research as possible for the variety of jobs in the area. Here are the latest salary trends in The DMV.

National average and The DMV.

While salaries are largely dependent on the classification of the position, it is a good idea to start with the national averages. For example, entry-level accountants can likely see $48,000 per year. A senior accountant might earn closer to $73,000. But how does this translate to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas? The median annual salary for an entry level accountant in DC is $52,000. Whereas a senior accountant is looking at the median income of $79,000 annually.

Senior and Junior positions.

There is a big difference between senior and junior positions in accounting. A junior accountant or entry level position may be working within an accounting department. This is often a stepping stone for more advanced accounting positions. Once you reach a senior accountant position, you may be looking at much more responsibility and flexibility of jobs.

Staff accounting jobs.

A typical job path for an accountant in the area is Staff Accountant. This role works directly for a controller and will be responsible for financial reports, budgets, record keeping, and more. This specific job title can earn around $94,000 in the DC area. However, further out into The DMV this could change. Arlington, VA, for instance, is similar to DC. But in Frederick, MD, the median salary is closer to $89,000.

Hiring and salary trends.

There are a number of trends emerging trends in The DMV area. CPA firms are currently searching for talented accounting graduates fresh out of college. Local firms also know that talent is difficult to retain, so many are creating more competitive salary and benefits packages. Temporary staffing, including in the financial and accounting areas, is at an all-time high, so it may be worth it to work with agencies in the area to find your next opportunities.

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