What Skills Should You Develop to Become a Nurse Administrator?


Do you want to advance your career from a clinical nursing role to that of a nursing administrator? For many medical professionals, this is the logical next step for their long-term career goals. If you are thinking about transitioning from nurse to administrator, what do you need to know to be successful in this move? Here are the skills you should develop to help you climb the ladder from nurse to nurse administrator.

Manage multiple personality styles.

As a Nurse Administrator, you will be surrounded by many different personality types. It is critical that you are able to work with them all in a positive and productive way to get the best out of your unit and provide the best care for patients. Take some time now to learn techniques for dealing with personalities that are different from your own.

Cultivate listening skills.

Another important aspect of being a Nurse Administrator is to hone your listening skills so you can consider all sides of a situation and make decisions that are fair. You will be approached with conflict, and it is your job to create the best resolution possible. You can’t do that if you’re not willing to listen to all sides and consider all options.

Build a great culture.

You will also be in charge of hiring decisions, so use this as an opportunity to build a culture in your unit that will benefit everyone who interacts with your team. This will take into account many aspects, including diversity, shared values, necessary skills, and positive personality traits.

Be tough when you need to be.

Of course, there may be times when you can’t fall back on being overly nice. Being a Nurse Administrator means making difficult decisions, and in some cases, you may have to put on a tough exterior. Not everything you do will be popular, but some situations warrant a more armored approach.

Be the best nurse you can be.

Finally, you need to continue to improve your nursing skills. Your staff will need to respect you not only as an administrator but as a nurse, and the only way to do that is to continue to learn and grow within the field. Build your knowledge base and stay up to date on your skills and you can put yourself in a position to be respected.

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