Why You Need to Be More Enthusiastic in Your Job Search

Many people are surprised to find out that the best weapon a job seeker has is their attitude. Time and time again, recruiters and hiring managers talk to candidates who come across negatively or as though they are owed a job. Instead, the best way to approach an interview is by being enthusiastic about their specific job. Enthusiasm and confidence will help sell your skills to the potential employer, so take some time to develop your enthusiastic branding before meeting for an interview. Here’s how.

Tell them you want the job.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Confidence is a critical part of your skillset, so say what you want. When you’re discussing the job with the interviewer or hiring manager, be sure to tell them that you want this job. Not just any job, but this job in particular. This will sell your interest to them and, in turn, ignite their own interest in you as a candidate.

Be excited about the job.

Excitement is contagious. If you’re excited about this job opportunity, they will quickly become excited about you as their top candidate. Why? Because they are interviewing multiple people for this job and most of the candidates will bring the same general skills and qualities to the table. If everything else is the same, they are far more likely to select the individual who demonstrated enthusiasm about their specific job.

Do research on the job.

Never go into a job search or an interview without thoroughly researching the job. When you apply online for an open position, take a moment to review the company before you hit send. Once you’re asked for an interview, do your homework before meeting with the company. Have intelligent questions to ask and demonstrate your interest.

Be serious about the job.

Finally, you also want to be serious about any job. If you can’t get behind the company or their mission, it may not be the right environment for you. So take this process seriously. Apply to the jobs that are suited to your long term goals and personal values. When you speak with a company, let them know how serious you are about what they do and why you’re interested in working for them.

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