Skills and Characteristics of a Great Senior Accountant


There are so many things to consider when you’re hiring your next senior accountant. You want someone who fits in with your office, but also possesses the right skills to do the job. Their skills and personality will come together to form the complete package. And once you start interviewing multiple candidates, it can become difficult to discern which one will be a better fit for your team and environment. Here are just a few of the skills and characteristics that you can look for when hiring a new senior accountant.

Years of experience.

Someone with a background in accounting who is qualified for a senior level position will have years of applicable experience. This means you won’t need to spend excessive amounts of time training them on the technical aspects of their job. This way, you can focus on the onboarding process with your company culture, mission, and preferences.

Leadership skills.

A skilled senior accountant is also a good leader. If they have not demonstrated leadership qualities in their previous experience, it is possible they aren’t on the right track to succeed with your company. Look for someone who was willing to take the lead whether they were in a management position or not.

Ability to teach.

Good leaders are also professionals with the ability to teach. This requires patience and a genuine desire to show other accountants how to work through a process. Teaching also involves allowing the other party to work on their own. If a senior accountant has a tendency to micromanage a situation, they aren’t likely to give up control.

Critical thinking.

Finally, a good senior accountant is someone who is willing to look at the whole picture. Throughout their career to get where they are today, they have likely touched on every aspect of the accounting process. To become a good senior accounting candidate, they need the critical thinking skills to allow them to see how all the parts come together for the whole.

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