A Guide to Becoming a Legal Secretary

What is your current career path? Are you considering a role as a legal secretary but don’t know where to start? Especially in the Washington DC area, these jobs are in high demand and many firms are looking for qualified legal secretaries who will fit in with their current team and office environment. If you’ve wanted to get into this field, we have some ideas to get you started.

Focus on computer, communication, and writing skills.

While there are some specialized skills when it comes to a career in a law firm, there are some general skills that are imperative to success. Make sure that you’re focusing on your ability to navigate a computer and common software. Continually improve your communications skills and the ability to talk to individuals at all levels. And don’t forget that writing is a big part of any job within a law firm.

Work with a staffing agency for short assignments.

If you don’t have current experience in law firms, talking with a staffing agency might be a great way to gain some. A recruiter can work with you to find short term assignments that match your current skill set but are within the legal industry to help you build up your resume for future positions.

Consider starting as a legal assistant or paralegal assistant.

Assistant roles are a great way to learn the ropes from other legal secretaries or paralegals. Since most companies want you to have previous experience, these assistant opportunities will gain you the experience you need to move forward with the career.

Learn more about legal and government practices.

In your spare time, pay special attention to learning as much as you can about the legal profession and, especially here in DC, government practices that can help you when pursuing your career as a legal secretary. There may be opportunities to work with mentors or to shadow someone.

Become certified to bolster your resume.

You can also take this time to pursue certifications that will help you become more employable as a legal secretary in the future. For instance, anyone who has accrued a certain number of years in the legal profession can take either the Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) or Certified Legal Professional (CLP) exams to gain these credentials.

Do you want a career as a legal secretary?

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