Why Your Nursing Shoe Choice Can’t Be Taken Lightly

A study conducted over a decade ago showed that nurses were walking an average of 4 to 5 miles during a 12-hour shift. In fact, the number is probably significantly higher and many nurses now wear a Fitbit just to track the amount of walking they do. Walking and standing is a huge part of the job, so it’s imperative that you consider the shoes you’re wearing. The wrong shoes can cause long term problems. Here are some of the considerations you should make when purchasing new shoes for your nursing job.

Understand the employer’s rules.

The first step is to review the dress code and employer guidelines for shoes. There may be specific styles or colors recommended, so do that before you go out and spend good money on a sturdy pair of shoes. Talk to other nurses and staff in the facility to ask them their recommendations as well.

Ensure they fit correctly.

No one loves shoe shopping, which means that many of us get in and get out as quickly as possible. We slip on a shoe, walk for three steps, decide its good enough, and buy it. But when you’re on your feet for 12 hours, an ill-fitting shoe can take a turn for the worse quickly. Spend time to ensure they’re properly fitted.

Consider air cushioning or shock absorbing features.

There are plenty of shoe manufacturers today who pay special attention to air cushioning of shock absorbing features, which can help when you’re standing or walking for long periods of time. But, before you simply buy something because it’s the latest trend, make sure you try them on and determine if they’ll work for you.

Look at toe protection.

When a person is on their feet and walking all day, the toes can feel a lot of that pressure. Many nurses deal with bleeding and cracking issues. It is possible that you can get protection for your toes to help them stay healthy. Look into the options for toe caps, gel tubing, or other products designed to keep your toes comfortable and safe.

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