Technology Is Changing Client Onboarding in Accounting


Many people have thought for years that accounting isn’t the industry that will benefit most from shifting technology. But, even though the change is subtle, it’s already happening. And new trends in technology will soon reach a tipping point for the industry. With cloud technology picking up steam, it can also have major consequences, both good and bad, for client onboarding. Embracing this brave new world may be just the right formula for success in the future. So how will this make a difference? Let’s take a closer look.

Collaborating with new clients.

Technology can make client collaboration much easier. You don’t have to forward each other document after document when you can simply collaborate using a document sharing site. Some popular ones include DropBox or Google Docs, and there are more options that offer a variety of functions that might work for you, your team, and your clients.

Incorporate the workflow.

Technology can also help you integrate your workflow with that of your client. They may have certain aspects of the job that have to be finished within very specific time periods according to their own internal calendar or due to compliance issues. Technology can make sure you’re on top of your end of the work while you wait for them to complete theirs, and vice versa.

Set assignment and auto-reminders.

To this end, you can also create timers and reminders that help everyone know when a certain task needs to be complete and alerts everyone else once it is. This kind of reminder will help with workflow overall as well as make collaboration more seamless in its integration. This can help you keep track of multiple clients as well since you will be often switching between them. Using the right platform can make this process much smoother.

Establish cross-company notifications.

Throughout this process, the technology that you employ will also be able to alert everyone whether they’re on your team or your client to understand when things are being accomplished and what happens next. These notifications can help with communication so everyone is aware when certain task are occurring and what their role in the process is. This will keep your team and your client on track from start to finish.

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