What Can You Do to Gain the Healthcare Recruiter’s Respect?


You probably think that if you have the healthcare skills to perform the job that you’re most of the way to a job offer. And while it’s critical that you’re qualified, there is a lot more to impressing a recruiter when you’re looking to get hired. Are there things you can do to gain the recruiter’s respect and prove to them that you’re the perfect candidate for the job? There are, so here are the things to consider before you send your resume and set up your next interview to go the extra mile.

Ensure your social media is clean and impressive.

You may not think about it much as a healthcare professional, but your social media may well influence how employers see you before they make a hiring decision. Make sure that you are putting your best, most professional foot forward on any public social media profiles. If you want to keep something private, lock it down behind privacy protections.

Dress well for your meetings.

When you interview, make sure you are dressing to impress the managers. While a clinical position, for instance, may require scrubs while on the job, you don’t want to show up dressed that way for an interview. Wear clean, unwrinkled professional attire. Keep accessories to a minimum. And be cautious about using scents, especially when visiting a facility where people may have sensitivities.

Hand pick the right employee and colleague referrals.

You will need to provide references for your past positions, but you do have some control over the message. Don’t just hand them a list of your past employers to contact. Instead, reach out to former managers and coworkers and ask them to be your references. They will be able to provide positive feedback to potential employers.

Write a thank-you note after the interview.

Another small thing that can make a big impression is a thank-you note. After your interview, let the manager know that you appreciate their time and you’re interested in the position. The quickest way is to send an email that day or the next. However, there is also a lot to be said about sending a handwritten thank-you card to their attention.

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