This Will Help Nursing Graduates Be Successful in Their First Job


Have you recently graduated from a nursing program and are you looking for your first job in the industry? You may not bring years of experience to the table, but new grads are in demand. To be successful, there are some things that will help to better understand as you get started. Here are five tips that will help ensure your success as you start your nursing career.

1. Understand that adjustment takes time.

It’s important to note that you can’t move from an academic to a clinic setting and be able to understand the fast pace and expectations immediately. It’s okay that it will take a little time, so use that time to adjust and learn rather than diving in and making potential mistakes.

2. Dive into the EMR and internal procedures.

Where you should dive into and focus on is the electronic medical records system and internal procedures of the office, clinic, or hospital where you were hired. These are the things that you can learn quickly and they will be the most important foundation for your continued career.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

It may sound like a small thing, but comfortable shoes are important when you’re on your feed all day. There are hundreds of resources and recommendations online for nurses and other professionals who spend all the time on their feet. Talk to others to see what they like best. Be sure to break them in and take care of your feet.

4. Find a mentor.

When you start working, look for someone in your department who has some experience under their belt. Talk to them about their job, what they do, how they got where they are today. Nurses are happy to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of nursing professionals. Finding a mentor can help you now and in the future.

5. Ask the right questions.

As you begin to acclimate to your new position, be sure to ask the right questions. They say there are no stupid questions, and that is generally true. But be sure you’re asking questions that will give you the understanding of the subject. And, of course, write down the information to retain it. If you don’t retain the answers, asking the questions won’t be effective.

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