What Did We Learn from the 2018 CLOC Conference?


Held at the beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV, the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s annual Institute is a massive gathering of legal professionals from across the world. Specifically, the event focuses on optimizing the delivery of legal services to corporations and businesses. Over the years the CLOC has become a large, inclusive, and open community welcoming to newcomers and veterans alike. The event featured over 75 educational sessions run by top leaders in the industry. So what did we learn at the CLOC this year?

Women in leadership roles.

This panel of women in the legal industry was able to shed light on a variety of leadership issues that are expected to come up in the years ahead. Topics covered included tools and tactics for collaboration, how to be better leaders, and building a brand in the legal field.

Document Management System implementation.

The session on implementing a new document management system was positioned in a way to help established firms understand how this new technology was imperative for the future of law. The speakers share success stories and challenges with implementation.

Cyber security and our industry.

One of the biggest topics in the legal industry today is cyber security. This particular breakout talked about information security in relation to vendor management systems, threat assessments, and security questionnaires as well as how to work with third party security management.

Why Blockchain may be important.

While Blockchain is technology that gets thrown around in terms of cryptocurrency, few people think about it any other capacity. This panel took a closer look at Blockchain beyond the buzz so legal professionals could better understand the long term implications of this technology.

Workflow automation.

The event also featured a demo to show legal operations professionals how workflow automation can change the industry. To see, hands on, how one organization used workflow automation to enhance their processes and procedures was to help other legal professional better understanding how this trend will affect the future.

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