Big Company or Small Firm – How to Tell What Is Right for Your Career


If you’re an accounting professional looking for a new job, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider. Do you want to work in public or private accounting? Do you want to work for yourself or a corporation? You may not have thought of it much, but another important question is whether or not you want to work for a large company or a small firm. How can you tell which is right for your career? Here’s a helpful guide that breaks down some of the most basic differences between the two environments.

Working within the system.

Large companies offer systems, protocol, and protections. If this is something that you would prefer in your career, a corporate environment might be a better choice for your accounting career.

Family-owned dynamics.

Alternately, a smaller firm often works with family dynamics even if it isn’t family-owned. Everyone is responsible for every action and each aspect of the company relies on shared duties.

Dedicated job description.

With a larger organization, you’ll be able to focus on your defined job. There will be little expectation for you take on additional roles as there are already individuals handling those duties.

Wearing many hats.

In a small firm, there is more uncertainty in what every day will bring. You may be asked to handle aspects of the business that you weren’t specifically trained for. But a small firm can bring excitement and unpredictability that a corporation cannot.

Future job openings.

When you work within a corporate environment, there may be opportunities for advancement within the company. And, even if not within the same company, you will gain experience that can lead to another corporate opportunity.

Long-term job security.

A small firm may not offer much in terms of advancement, but it can provide long-term job security. A small firm is often seeking employees who are willing to stick with the organization for their entire career.

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